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Suomen Opiskelija-Allianssi - OSKU ry.

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1. Personal Infomation

Finnish social security number is not mandatory. However, without it you cannot get PIVO mobile student card.

2. Contact information

3. Study and membership information

The blue and yellow student card: you study full time and without receiving pay at a vocational educational institution; the studies are continuous for at least 8 months; when participating in blended learning, over 60% of of your total studying time consists of face-to-face teaching.

Green student card: you are entitled to a green student card if you study in a vocational educational institution, but you do not fulfil the conditions of a blue and yellow card.

If you aren’t sure which AMIS student card you qualify for, please contact the OSKU ry member service ( The student is responsible of choosing the right coloured card when filling in the application information. Changing the colour of the card afterwards is difficult and costly.

4. Photo for the student card

The requirements of the picture The picture must be a faceshot of yourself, your face must show in the picture totally and you must be easily recognisable. So forget sunglasses and funny hats from the picture. However the picture does not have to be an official passport picture, but it needs to be like a passport picture.

5. Accepting membership conditions and applying for membership and student card

I accept that the necessary information of mine can be transferred to a student or member ID provider such as PIVO. Likewise, I accept that PIVO mobile student card / member ID provider can transfer the information onwards, if I have permitted that in the service provider’s mobile application.