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Student Union of LAB University of Applied Sciences KOE

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1. Personal Infomation

By giving your Finnish social security number, your student card can be used at Lahti Campus student restaurant for receiving student priced meal
Finnish social security number is not mandatory. However, without it you cannot get PIVO mobile student card.

2. Contact information

The phone number should enter in international format
like +358405915668, you may also use spaces like +358 40 591 5668

3. Study and membership information

By giving this permission, you are allowed to use digital student card in -app and you'll receive student union's newsletter once in a month to your email.

4. Photo for the student card

The requirements of the picture The picture must be a faceshot of yourself, your face must show in the picture totally and you must be easily recognisable. So forget sunglasses and funny hats from the picture. However the picture does not have to be an official passport picture, but it needs to be like a passport picture.

5. Terms of accession